Email Marketing


Millions of people and businesses around the world use MailChimp to send emails to consumers and organise custom campaigns based on customer category and specific needs.


One of the ultimate growth hacks is to build your email list which also makes it one of the most difficult. Sumo makes that easy with its host of optin form tools and formats, which vary from a full screen occupying Welcome Mat to recognise when a user is about to leave the page.

Viral Loops

Viral Loops is a viral and referral marketing platform to launch ranking competitions, sweepstakes, pre-launch and referral programs.

Boomerang For Gmail

If someone doesn’t respond to your first mail, Boomerang will send the mail back to your inbox, prompting you to give the person a gentle nudge to respond to your mail.

Active Campaign

Integrated email marketing where you can set up behavioural based automation.


A great tool which you can use for cold email outreach for sales and marketing success. Has a set of proven templates with auto follow-ups and click tracking.

Maitre App

Maitre App consists of a set of viral tools consisting of a pre-launch viral waiting list to viral referral templates for getting content upgrades. It is perfect to grow traffic and bring traction to your website.


Vyper is the best tool for platform gamification. It has it all. Think content upgrades (where your audience will get an ebook when they share the promo with their Social Media audience), Viral Sweepstake contests (your audience gives their email ID and shares your promotion in order to enter a contest with a compelling prize), Viral Leaderboard contests and much more. Vyper is a stalwart when it comes to growing your reach super fast.