Networking & Finding Investors


LinkedIn is by and far the biggest social networking site for professionals. You can network and find other startup founders in your niche as well as investors looking for products like yours to invest in.

Sales Navigator For Gmail

Sales Navigator for Gmail allows you to view rich LinkedIn profile data for your contacts, leads, and prospective leads directly in Gmail. You can leverage that knowledge when you reach out, as well as save leads to Sales Navigator without leaving your inbox.


Lifograph is an encyclopedia of people and organizations based in Silicon Valley. It visualizes the timelines of people and companies as well as building their connection graph.


AngelList is the de-facto social network for Startups. This makes it a great place for investors to hang out and scout for startups to invest in. Hence, you can find your own ideal smart investor from this site.


CircleBack is the contact management app that keeps your address book up -to-date and duplicate free through its proprietary SIQ and contact deduplication features. If you’re looking for an all-in-one contact management application, this is it!