Team Communication


Slack is the go-to choice for millions of startups to converse and join the discussion. It brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done, discuss new strategies, share files and do pretty much all you can do in a virtual office, whether you are a small enterprise or big.

CA Flowdock

CA Flowdock brings all of your conversations, work items and tools into one place. Prioritize work, solve problems, search and organize across teams, locations and timezones. Real-time team chat for your entire organization.


Stride is the complete communication solution that empowers teams to talk less and do more.


Faster than an email thread. More powerful than a three-hour meeting. Able to bring your team together in a single doc. Quip is here to save the workday.


Ryver combines the best of business chat tools like Slack with intuitive task managers like Trello. With Ryver, you seamlessly turn those conversations into trackable tasks.

Citrix Podio

Citrix Podio is the social collaboration tool where you can build apps and set up workspaces to support your preferred workflows and help you be more effective.